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The Chosen

"Many are called; few are chosen."   Matthew 22:14

In this  compelling sequel to The Planner, Homeland Security is using the National Defense Authorization Act to incarcerate tens of thousands of Americans in secret government prisons where they are never heard from again. 

Michael Linton and Jeff Conners  call attention to these abuses by setting up The Wall, a website which publishes the names of all those who have vanished. Soon, federal agents dub The Wall the greatest act of terrorism in U.S. history and arrest Michael and Jeff as domestic terrorists. 

Michael’s wife Kris and her brother Keith know the time has now come for them to stand up for the Constitution and fight for the laws of their country.

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"I was glued to these books for an entire weekend. I literally could not put them down....They are at once suspenseful and engaging. I felt every emotion you could imagine--fear, anger, relief, sadness, and joy." Marcy Crabtree's review of The Planner and its sequel The Chosen on Goodreads.

To read Marcy's full review, click here.

"Be ready to hold onto your seat as you read this suspenseful tale of a controlling government and the few who dare to stand up for what they believe in.  The eerie part is that what happens in this book could realistically happen."  Sally Shupe's review of The Chosen on her blog. 

To read Sally's full review, click here.

"Easily the best book with a Judeo-Christian theme of the year and in the running for best fiction of the year in any category.

Read the reader reviews on Amazon.