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The Christmas Cake

“If you died tonight, where would you spend eternity?” Like the ghosts from Dickens’ Christmas Carol, this question haunts Tatiana Richards on Christmas Eve. With the help of Esther Cook’s Christmas Cake, Tatiana’s daughter Michelle will try to explain to her mother the real message of Christmas—eternal life through a relationship with Jesus.

“After someone has eaten the Christmas Cake one time, they always want more. Whenever I attend anything where everyone brings food, whoever is in charge says, ‘bring that apple cake.’ Whenever people experience Jesus Christ, they always want more too. He is the only thing that always satisfies, but in order to understand that you must experience Him."

Book Two of our new Holiday Collection, The Christmas Cake, features a recipe that has been in the author's family for several generations. It is our hope that both the story and the cake will become part of your holiday traditions.

The Reviews

"I am uplifted and encouraged as I read these stories. They don't take long to read, but are filled with inspiration and hope regardless of what you are going through."

Read the rest of Sally's review here

"Why five stars? Because it touched my heart and I ended it thanking God for His grace and His storyteller. It's a story to share, about a Life worth living. The premise is realistic and a reminder to take no one's time for granted. Brava."  Amazon Reviewer

"I must confess when I told the author her book was nestled within my Kindle, she told me that the recipe was at the back of the book, I tersely replied, "I don't bake!" But having wept sad and then joyful tears as I read this amazing story, I must share that I will bake the `Christmas Cake' every year and gift it and this story to those I don't know as well as those I hold dear!"

Paula Rose Michelson's review for her blog.