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In 1987, after receiving her Master's Degree in History from California State University at the age of sixteen, Alexandra Swann wrote, No Regrets: How Homeschooling Earned me a Master's Degree at Age Sixteen.  In 1989, the Swanns self- published No Regrets under Cygnet Press. The book's publication opened doors for Joyce and Alexandra to speak at homeschooling conventions in Texas, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Kansas, New York, and Montana.  Joyce was asked to testify on behalf of homeschoolers  in North Dakota, New Mexico and in Leeper vs. Arlington, the landmark case that legalized homeschooling in the state of Texas.

The Swann family was featured on "How'd They Do That?" a CBS series about remarkable accomplishments.  Their story was told on CBN, in The National Enquirer, and The National Review and on Paul Harvey's syndicated radio show.

In 1995, Joyce was nearly killed in a car accident.  Shortly after that, the Swanns' speaking and traveling ended, and the family opened a mortgage business in El Paso, Texas.  For fifteen years, Joyce and Alexandra worked in real estate in Texas and New Mexico.

In 2010, Joyce and Alexandra started Frontier 2000 Media Group.  Together, they republished No Regrets and  published The Fourth Kingdom and The Twelfth Juror. Over the next three and a half years, the team wrote and published eight other books, including Joyce's McAloons series for children.

In 2015 Joyce began her new series for young adults, N, which now includes N: The Beginning and N: The Shadow of the Cross.  The Swanns newest jointly authored book, The Invitation, was released Christmas of 2016.  The Invitation is the first book in their new series, Kinsman.

Frontier 2000 Media Group is built on the principle that all media should exist to glorify God and refresh the human spirit. In keeping with our goal to provide wholesome family entertainment for both adults and children, we produce books and blogs that reflect our Evangelical-Christian world view and promote traditional American conservative values of free enterprise, hard work, limited government, and personal responsibility.

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