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The McAloons

A Horse Called Lightning & A House of Clowns

Tales of Pig Isle! Joy and Andy McAloon are back with more adventures in this sequel to Tales of Pig Isle.

A Horse Called Lightning

"There are mysterious things happening in the night...."

When Joy entered the barn, Lightning looked at her as though he had been expecting her. Joy walked toward him and reached up and stroked his neck.  “Hello, Boy,” she said. “Have you been waiting for me?” It seemed to her that Lightning nodded his head.

Joy began speaking in a soft voice, “Last summer when it was warm and peaceful, you were struck by lightning, weren’t you? I know that you were because I saw it happen. Ever since, you’ve glowed like a bonfire. Sometimes I look out my window at night just to see the light shooting out of the barn. Until today I couldn’t imagine why all of this had happened and why Andy and I are the only ones who know about it. Now I think I understand. God knew we were going to need a miracle tonight, and way last summer He made all of the arrangements so that when tonight came our miracle would be ready.”

During a chance summer storm, ten-year-old Joy and three-year-old Andy are sure their neighbor's horse has been killed after they see him struck by lightning. But the horse isn't dead--he just has a secret!  Months later, on the darkest evening of the year, Joy and Lightning will brave a blizzard to save Joy's  daddy when his truck is stuck in a snowdrift, and Joy and Andy will come to understand the mystery of the horse they call Lightning.

This story of God’s provision for His children will delight children and parents alike!

Watch the video trailer.

A House of Clowns

When a family of clowns moves onto Joy and Andy’s street and begins to entertain the residents, the entire town is delighted! But when the town’s bank is robbed and the clowns suddenly disappear, Joy suspects that this troupe of entertainers is really a gang of thieves!  Now she has to think quickly to bring the gang to justice and teach the whole town about the consequences of choices!

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"A good book to read aloud...My 5-year-old son and I think that other families will enjoy the positive messages gained from Joy and Andy." Tiffany Orthman for Home Educating Family.