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Video Clips

On this page, you can view our latest video clips, talks,  and book trailers.

December 2013, Alexandra Swann appeared on United with Christ to discuss "Interpreting the Times."

Watch the shows here:

December 13:  The Work of the Prayer Warrior in Changing the Nation

December 20--Agenda 21 and the New World Order Part I

December 27--Agenda 21 and the New World Order Part II

During the month of February, 2014,  every Friday Joyce and Alexandra were guest hosts for KSCE-TV's United with Christ

Watch the shows here:

February 7--Spiritual Warfare:  Do You Know the Difference Between Power & Force?

February 14--  Experiencing True Love

February 21--  The Climate Change Debate is Far from "Settled"

Additional background on the February 21 video, including source material for the quotes we used on global environmentalism, can be found by visiting this website:  http://green-agenda.com

February 28--In our final show for KSCE-TV on February 28, Joyce and Alexandra talk about the Swann family experiences homeschooling ten children from the first grade through master's degrees, the ups and downs of getting a master's degree at age sixteen, and what it's really like to attend BYU as a Baptist.  We also have some great info on Common Core.   Homeschooling and Common Core

The Homeschool Resource Road Map provides a detailed list of homeschool curricula that are aligned with Common Core, are coincidentally aligned, or are not aligned.  The website also lists which tests are aligned.  These resources can help homeschooling parents make good decisions about which curricula to choose for their family.

Additional resources about Common Core can be found at Michelle Malkin's website.  In particular we recommend her post, Rotten to the Core:  Obama's War on Academic Standards, Part I and Part II.  Be sure to check out the resource links at the bottom of the post. 

Alexandra's videos:

"A short introduction to Agenda 21"

"Agenda 21: Bankrupting America into Utopia, One City at a Time"

"To Downtown Arena Stadiums and the Politicians Who Love Them, Just Say No"

Watch  the video trailer for A Horse Called Lightning from The McAloons: A Horse Called Lightning &  House of Clowns  here.