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"And she will have a Son, you shall name him Jesus (Savior) for He will save his people from their sins."  Matthew 1:21

 Featured Book of the Month

The Holiday Collection

Two Great Holiday Stories in One Special Collection

Enjoy The Christmas Cake and The Thanksgiving Gift with your family this season.

The Thanksgiving Gift

When young reporter Michelle Madison goes to Gracerville to interview the town's oldest resident, Esther Cooke, on Esther's one hundredth birthday, Michelle has no idea that her own life is about to change forever.

An ordinary woman of remarkable faith, Esther tells Michelle the story of how a chronically-ill orphan in Depression-era Kansas transformed her family and taught her what it really means to trust God.

Book One of our new Holiday Collection, The Thanksgiving Gift was inspired by a true story from the author's own family. It is our hope that this simple story of faith and trust will transform your family this holiday season.

The Christmas Cake

“If you died tonight, where would you spend eternity?” Like the ghosts from Dickens’ Christmas Carol, this question haunts Tatiana Richards on Christmas Eve. With the help of Esther Cook’s Christmas Cake, Tatiana’s daughter Michelle will try to explain to her mother the real message of Christmas—eternal life through a relationship with Jesus.

Book Two of the Holiday Collection includes the recipe for The Christmas Cake--a recipe that has been in the author's family for generations. It is our hope that both the story and the cake will become a holiday tradition in your home as well.

The Reviews:

"I loved this short story by Joyce Swann. The Thanksgiving Gift is filled with hope, faith, and love, inspired by a true story from the author’s family. These characters will grip your heart and pull you into their story."

For Sally's full review click here.

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