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"It was for freedom that Christ set us free, therefore keep standing firm and do not be subject again to the yoke of slavery."  Galatians 5:1

 Featured Book of the Month

W  (The Set)

This month we are pleased to unveil W--The Set.  W includes The Planner and The Chosen, our two thrillers about the future of America.  Enjoy our special sales this summer and enjoy this series.

W brings together both books from this compelling series in a new box set.

The Planner:
Once a top-producing real estate agent with a successful business and a beautiful home, Kris Mitchell is a victim of the economic downturn. She has lost her home to foreclosure, and her long-time boyfriend has married someone else. Then, just when she has almost given up hope for a better future, an opportunity presents itself for her to become a Level 1 Planner for a newly created federal agency that will implement the Retire America Act of 2013.

After persuading her own aging parents to sign over all of their assets, Kris learns that the government’s plan to confiscate the wealth and property of America’s retirees in exchange for lifelong care in the Smart Seniors community has some serious downsides. As she relinquishes more and more personal freedom to hold onto her job, she discovers what it means to trade liberty for a steady government paycheck.

The Chosen:
In this heart-pounding sequel to The Planner, Homeland Security is using the National Defense Authorization Act to incarcerate tens of thousands of Americans in secret government prisons where they are never heard from again. When Father Nathan O’Brien is arrested for refusing to preach the messages mandated by the Religious Unity Agency, Michael Linton and Jeff Conners call attention to abuses of government power by setting up “The Wall”, a website which publishes the names of all those who have vanished. Soon, the entire country is talking about the problems of indefinite detention, but before long, the Electronic Communications’ Agency dubs “The Wall” the greatest act of terrorism in U.S. history and arrests Michael and Jeff as domestic terrorists. With Michael and Jeff gone, Michael’s wife Kris and her brother Keith know that the time has come for them to stand up for the Constitution and fight for the laws of our country.

The Reviews:

"I was glued to these books for an entire weekend. I literally could not put them down....They are at once suspenseful and engaging. I felt every emotion you could imagine--fear, anger, relief, sadness, and joy."   Marcy Crabtree's review of The Planner and its sequel The Chosen on Goodreads. 

For Marcy's full review click here.

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