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"Let your lives overflow with joy and thanksgiving for all He has done."  Colossians 2:7

 Featured Book of the Month

N: The Shadow of the Cross

The second installment in the ground-breaking young adult series, N. 

How strong are you in your faith? If you were targeted for being a Christian, would you stand firm? Brother and sister, Petra and Artiss Bordeaux, are in such a position. A group of teens in North Texas are fighting for their freedom while escaping capture and imprisonment in a federal re-education center. Seamus shows up and tells Petra it has begun. He leads the way when there seems no way. Do you have faith that God can take care of you? Do you try to take things into your own hands, to help God out? Though friends, family, don't follow God, will you follow the truth on your own? It's your own decision. Not something you do just because your parents did. You have to make the choice. What will your choice be? 

Reviewer Sally Shupe's review of N: The Beginning, Book One of N.

After River's parents are executed, Petra and the Ns take up refuge on Prayer Mountain--in the shadow of the cross. But Petra's nemesis, Cardin Ritter, remains determined to find her and turn her over to Mandrake for interrogation.

Meanwhile, Quinton becomes increasingly obsessed with giving Bella a new identity to save her life. As he becomes more desperate, he realizes that only one person can help him protect Bella--but to reach out to her will endanger his own life, his world and everything he values.

N: The Shadow of the Cross is the second installment in the series, N.

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